DJP Update 7-6-2010 Recent tweets – lots going on in DC and in Gulf with oil spill; LAGNIAPPE: some special meals

DJP Update 7-6-2010 Recent tweets – lots going on in DC and in Gulf with oil spill; LAGNIAPPE: some special meals

DJP Comments: Robin and I had delightful time this past week visiting with friends from Australia who were in New Orleans as past of a multi-city visit to USA.

Lots of photos and video done!

Very sad to see tar balls now in Lake Pontchartrain!

Below are the recent tweets found at:

And yes! Tabasco, our wonderful dog, is now 15 years old as of July 4! Be sure to see her photo in the tweet link.

I believe it is a mistake to do a recess appointment of Dr. Berwick. He is a smart man and should be able to present his views on Medicare/Medicaid and handle questions regardless of whether you agree with him or not. America longs for transparency. A recess appointment will only increase the partisan bickering. White House statement about this action is in link in first tweet below. A recess appointment only increases the division over a health system reform law that the majority of Americans oppose and believe was jammed through Congress. Actions have consequences and perhaps in November we will see the consequences of such actions. I worry about the financial stability of America. I worry about the patients who will not be able to find doctors in the hour of need.

There is lots to worry about. Time to stop partisan fighting and show leadership!

And one more item that will be tweeted shortly. Read Dr. Leah McCormack, president of Medical Society of the State of New York, declaring “independence from Medicare and Managed Care” at:

Read the entire letter. Here is an excerpt:


WESTBURY, NY (07/01/2010)(readMedia)– I have made a personal decision as of July 4th to terminate all of my contracts with Medicare and managed care companies as soon as the contracts allow. I think of this as my own personal independence day.

This has been a long time coming, but I can no longer bear the shackles of government and insurance company rules, the burdens of their regulations and the fear of their retributions for the paltry reward of their monetary compensation for my services. …..


If only Congress would listen!!

And now the tweets:

Recess=mistake! RT @marklhayesRT @MajoratWH: ..WH blog..recess appoint of Berwick to head Medicare/Medicaid Services.

about 1 hour ago via Echofon

Yes! RT @JindalNews Gov. Jindal to Feds: No Is Not A Plan, Lead Or Get Out Of The Way #BP#oilspill

about 1 hour ago via Echofon

Thanks! RT @Heritage Remember the Gulf. We aren’t forgetting…keeping the Administration accountable. #BP #oilspill

about 11 hours ago via Echofon

Facts don’t cease to exist when ignored RT @M_P_T Emergency Room Visits Increase in Mass.: #tcot #hcr

about 13 hours ago via Echofon

Time for principle, fiscal responsibility, & term-limits in DC. RT @ThomasSowell Column: Santa and Frank

about 14 hours ago via Echofon

Powerful! Remember! “I fought for you” video. Thanks, Mark @Constantian #DDay #Liberty#Military

about 21 hours ago via web

Rats! Tar balls in Lake Pontchartrain, the lake between New Orleans & Slidell .. #BP #oilspill

about 22 hours ago via Echofon

RT @RasmussenPoll 60% favor repeal of health care law… just 41% think…likely to happen…

8:21 AM Jul 5th via Echofon

Thanks Art. More problems new #hcr RT @sonodoc99@DJPNEWS ObamaCare Takes a Bite Out of White Castle

8:18 AM Jul 5th via Echofon

Update practice of Medicine RT @sonodoc99 @DJPNEWS July 4 Colleagues words prez #MSSNY#hcr

8:13 AM Jul 5th via Echofon

Rodrigue #BlueDog #SaveTheGulf Artist Rodrigue of La & his Blue Dog join quest. #BP #OilSpill #dog

4:55 PM Jul 4th via Twitpic

Happy Birthday, Tabasco! Now 15 y.o. & 14 1/2 years ago found on highway near death. Wonder #dog!

4:43 PM Jul 4th via Twitpic

Yes! RT @WWIImuseum As we celebrate Independence Day & our freedom, let’s remember the men & women who preserved it!

7:29 AM Jul 4th via Echofon

Wrong! Allow balance-billing! RT @amednews RT @KentBottles why is a Medicare doc payment fix so elusive? #SGR

8:50 AM Jul 3rd via Echofon

Happy Birthday, America! Enjoy #liberty this 4th of July &#RedSkelton discuss #PledgeOfAllegiance

8:23 AM Jul 3rd via web


LAGNIAPPE: A few words about recent special meals


West Egg Cafe

Spectacular breakfast until 3 p.m.

Walking distance from Hyatt on Wacker where AMA June 2010 Annual Meeting held

620 North Fairbanks Court

Chicago, IL 60611-3011

(312) 280-8366


New Orleans

Ralph’s On The Park

Across from City Park

900 City Park Avenue

New Orleans, La. 70119

Best Turtle Soup I have tasted and I taste turtle soup at every restaurant I visit when it is available.


Tony Angello’s Restaurant

Don’t order from menu, tell Dale to feed you. Recent meal in “Wine Room” terrific.

See details at:

Stay well,


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