DJP Update 7-9-2010 Tweets re opinions on taxes, new health system reform law, comments about recess appt Dr. Berwick, trial lawyers & departure La. DHH head

DJP Update 7-9-2010 Tweets re opinions on taxes, new health system reform law, comments about recess appt Dr. Berwick, trial lawyers & departure La. DHH head

Have a great weekend! Here are a few tweets from the past two days. Great research on memory from NIH in one tweet! Hope for all of us who have been around a while.

Too bad AMA fails to mention private contracting and balance-billing in the interviews and letters to blogs etc.

When will AMA get aggressive about this mandate from House of Delegates! It is not enough to say the SGR is a disaster. Give a solution! The House of Delegates has one. It is called liberty and freedom of contract!

The doctors are looking for someone to lead them out of this government mess so they can care for their patients. And don’t forget, a substitute price-fixing formula without balance-billing option without penalty is NOT A SOLUTION.

Keep doing the same approach to Washington, DC and one can expect the same results. If this keeps up, another organization will emerge as the representative of doctors. Sad but true.

And now the tweets from


Taxes affect actions! RT @Heritage LeBron James is one wise “king.” Looks like he prefers lower taxes. #tcot #teaparty

17 minutes ago via Echofon

Via #LHA La. DHH Sec Alan Levine resigns; replace = Bruce Greenstein, Sr Dir worldwide health Microsoft Corp #hcr #Doctors

23 minutes ago via Echofon

Heat debate incl #AMA but no mention bal bill! RT @texmed AARP..recog.. the crisis..the Medicare Meltdown

about 1 hour ago via Echofon

More debate; more surprises coming! RT @M_P_T Opinion: ObamaCare has another “surprise” Agree? #tcot #hcr

about 1 hour ago via Echofon

NEJM & #SGR #hcr #Doctors RT @sonodoc99 @DJPNEWS SGR – Indispensable Abomination

about 5 hours ago via Echofon

Thanks to @sonodoc99 for alert about Stossel article!

about 16 hours ago via web

John #Stossel article “Parasitic Tort Lawyers” #lawyers

about 16 hours ago via web

Fascinating! Potential for humans! RT @NIHforHealth News: Mental Decline Thwarted in Aging Rats

about 19 hours ago via Echofon

Ruth #Marcus in #WashingtonPost “Obama’s cynical recess appointment of Donald Berwick” #Berwick

about 23 hours ago via web

RT @WSJopinion The Berwick Evasion: Obama dodges..Senate debate on his ideal Medicare chief #hcr #Berwick:

7:08 PM Jul 7th via Echofon

I repeat: recess appt these facts mistake RT @KeithHennessey..Pres.. recess appoint..of Dr. Donald #Berwick: #hcr

3:26 PM Jul 7th via Echofon


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