DJP Update 7-18-2010 Potpourri of tweets from DJPNEWS since July 12; comment re my philosophy of tweets; Lagniappe

DJP Update 7-18-2010 Potpourri of tweets from DJPNEWS since July 12; comment re my philosophy of tweets; Lagniappe

DJP Comment: Everyone’s life is busy. And for some, following tweets is another demand on time. But the tweet universe is easy to navigate and one can just receive tweets. You can follow anyone you want.

Remember the old advice, by their words and actions you shall know them. Well, I believe you can learn a lot about the person tweeting by just following his or her tweets. Frequently you learn a lot about people you have known for years but who frequently are quiet in groups and rarely express their opinions. It is as though the tweet world for some of these folks opens up their inner thoughts for the world to view. Nothing wrong with that but I find it interesting.

You also will learn the views of the Democrats and the Republicans and their talking points on an issue long before it is stated on radio or TV. You may find you have to spend less time with the “news” programs because you already have the info many hours earlier. Follow those you agree with and those you disagree with. Sometimes you actually learn something!

And thanks to all of you who send me alerts!


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Gov control. USA’s future? “Cash crisis in NHS leaves patients..on operating tables” #hcr#Doctors

3 hours ago

Fineman in #Newsweek re “Obama’s Indie Crash” #hcr #election #vote #politics#POTUS #Dem #GOP

about 8 hours ago via Echofon

In book 1984 & MinistryOfTruth & Newspeak? #Pear#NYTimes Admin..defends insur mandate as tax #hcr

about 10 hours ago via web

RT @alleyinsider Ex-Googlers launch “newspaper of the future” …designed to drive last nail in coffin of newspapers

about 10 hours ago via web

Yes! Leaders lead! #TimesPicayune ” #Jindal Thrives in Crisis” #BP #oilspill #JindalNews#BobbyJindal

about 11 hours ago via web

Time will tell RT @flitedocnm …Kagan’s undergrad thesis on socialism: .. excellent writing…all good indicators

about 12 hours ago via Echofon

Actions have consequences. Bad law=bad results RT @texmedMedicare rules, cuts push doctors out

about 12 hours ago via Echofon

A president, a master giving speeches, shares wisdom on transparency #gov #hcr #1Amend#news #docs

8:20 AM Jul 17th via web

Words of wisdom RT @Peggynoonannyc ..column: “Youth Has Outlived Its Usefulness”

6:32 AM Jul 17th via Echofon

Creative #marketing RT @alleyinsider 7 Social Media Marketing Lessons You Should Learn From The Old Spice Man

6:09 AM Jul 17th via Echofon

That’s fair! RT @washingtonpost RT @postmetro Jobs#iPhone4 ..antenna.. not serious or full refund:

1:38 PM Jul 16th via Echofon

Good news! Don’t give up! RT @washingtonpost The BP well? Still sealed. Whew. Pressure tests continue:

1:30 PM Jul 16th via Echofon

More articles tax break? plaintiff lawyers RT @sonodoc99@DJPNEWS Yes … there would be fallout.

7:27 PM Jul 15th via Echofon

Outrage if true! Tax cuts plaintiff lawyers? #DJPUPDATE #gov #law #tax

6:01 PM Jul 15th via Echofon

Hearing & overview @wsjopinion #Henninger – Berwick Recess Appointment Is Bigger Than Kagan #hcr

6:35 AM Jul 15th via Echofon

Read my friend Dr Bob Thomas of Loyola discuss tar balls from BP oil disaster #BP #oilspill

2:39 PM Jul 14th via Echofon

Don’t miss #CNN #AndersonCooper video – upset with block media by Admin re #oilspill #BP via @Heritage

3:44 PM Jul 12th via Echofon

Gov v #FreeEnterprise RT @M_P_T Opinion: Donald Berwick’s Five-Year Plan v. the iPhone Agree?#tcot #hcr

10:57 AM Jul 12th via Echofon

!! RT @Heritage oil drilling ban..killing..Gulf economy. But that doesn’t matter to ..Obama admin. #tcot #oilspill

9:39 AM Jul 12th via Echofon


LAGNIAPPE: I was in Atlanta on Wednesday to give a speech to a client of Intrepid Resources. That night Robin and I had the privilege to have dinner with a retired Special Forces Colonel who served in Vietnam as an advisor to the Montagnard troops. Always a privilege to spend time with those who have served our Country with honor and put their lives at risk for our liberty. More on this person in a future update as he is now a published writer of mystery books plus one true crime adventure. I now have 3 of his books to read. Will give you his name when I give you a book review soon.

We also got to spend a few ours with our grandsons while in Atlanta and went to a movie with them and took a walk back to the hotel. Great joy!

Stay well,


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