DJP Update 8-21-2010: DJP presenting Tulane Surgical Grand Rounds; AMA tweets about article critical of Florida Medical Association & DJP tweet response plus other tweets; Lagniappe: don’t miss articles

DJP Comment:  In you are in the area or within driving distance, attend Grand Rounds this Wednesday!
Will get into leadership in health system reform and the need to be involved before Medicine is destroyed.
Dr. Doug Slakey, Chair of Surgery Dept at Tulane, asked me to do Grand Rounds.  Details below.
Tulane Surgery Grand Rounds

“Control Your Destiny:
Surgical Leadership”
Presented By
Donald J. Palmisano, MD, JD, FACS
Clinical Professor of Surgery
Tulane Department of Surgery
Clinical Professor of Medical Jurisprudence
& Adjunct Professor
Department of Health Systems Management
Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
August 25, 2010
8:00AM – 9:00AM
Room 6065
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA
RT @ FloridaTimesUnion: Guest column: Florida Medical Association is off base fighting reform. PM Aug 20th via TweetDeck
The two individuals who wrote the guest editorial make comments such as:
“But recently, the AMA became more progressive. It mounted a three-year campaign for universal coverage. It supported government’s efforts to reward the meaningful use of modern computerized tools and the best medical science in clinical practice.
They are incredibly important to us, but over the last half century, American physicians have been handsomely, even often excessively, rewarded.
But now, the system that has been hugely wasteful must find ways to reduce costs while improving quality, and make sure that care is accessible to everyone. These imperatives are emerging just as data and information tools are becoming more available. Health care will become more like a market than before.
Medical practice is changing profoundly, mostly for the better. Doctors will still be highly valued, but many may earn less.
The FMA’s challenge to the AMA was the old guard denouncing the new. But the new way is what mainstream patients, doctors and the people who pay the bills for care desperately need.
It is coming, and the FMA should get on board or out of the way.”
DJP Comment:  Looking forward to AMA tweeting articles written by individuals who point out the flaws in PPACA and why AMA made a mistake supporting the law.
After the column with the view of two individuals writing the column one can find in the response section a “John Galt” response .  The point of my tweet later is that John Galt would never approve of the PPACCA law passed in Congress masquerading as health system reform.  And the “John Galt” who responded obviously disagrees with the column. 
“John Galt” column attacking FMA not the view of #JohnGalt of#AtlasShrugged Via @AmerMedicalAssn & @FloridaTimesUnion: 9 hours ago via Echofon
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Here is a brand new tweet that gives the full text of one of Winston Churchill’s most famous speeches and a few more articles you may enjoy:


#WinstonChurchill speech “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”


Grace-Marie Turner of #Galen in #IBD “Fast Track to Government Health Care”

Donald PalmisanoDJPNEWS 

He’s unique! #ScottAdams #Dilbert cartoon “How I (Almost) Saved the Earth” in WSJ Weekend Journal than 5 seconds ago via web——–
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