DJP Update 9-30-2011 Videos from past but issues remain; Media update; Update re Dr. Michael Maves & his new job

DJP Update 9-30-2011 Videos from past but issues remain; Media update; Update re Dr. Michael Maves & his new job
The years go by but the issues remain the same: broken medical liability system, government interference in the practice of medicine & price-fixing, erosion of Liberty, failure to get reasonable antitrust relief for physicians, risk of loss of patient privacy and medical record confidentiality, etc.

I posted a few videos excerpts from yesteryear that emphasize these issues and the need to not give up. The patient privacy issue is emerging again with the mandated electronic health records sent to 3rd parties including government.  AMA has excellent policy on patient privacy and medical record confidentiality.  I had the privilege to co-chair that Board/House of Delegates committee during the two years the policy was formulated and approved by the House of Delegates as I related in a previous update.  We need to make sure such sound policy is demanded in continued government intervention into the practice of medicine.  If patients do not trust that the information they tell us will be confidential, then they will withhold information needed for diagnosis and treatment. Trust is essential in the patient-physician relationship.

The video clips are short and I found them in the unpacking of Hurricane Katrina storage boxes.  Go to the link in the tweet below or and view Heroic Policeman; Farewell Speech; 1999 Campaign.

Words from past still relevant. New YouTube: Heroic Policeman; Farewell Speech; 1999 Campaign. #hcr #privacy
9/29/11 10:14 PM

MEDIA: I did many radio interviews this month throughout the nation regarding health system reform.  KBOE-740 AM in Iowa, KDSM in Iowa, KCHE in Iowa, KDST in Iowa,  WTVN-AM in Columbus, Ohio are a few of the examples.  Podcasts of interviews usually are posted at the station.

On Monday, I will do the Garland Robinette Show at WWL New Orleans (AM 870 & FM 105.3).  Try to tune in on Monday, Oct 3, at 12:10 p.m. CENTRAL (1:10 p.m. Eastern)

You can listen to the live broadcast at and click on “Listen Live” red square at top left of screen.  The show encourages calls from listeners during the broadcast.  Speak up!

The topic is the Sally Pipes article in Forbes.  See my tweet below and this link:

WWL is the talk show that has the largest audience in Louisiana.  It is a 50,000 watt clear channel station and can be heard in many states.  It also is available to the world on the Web as mentioned.

I will be able to get in a full discussion of PPACA and IPAB plus they will want my comments on the effect of PPACA on the practices of doctors.

Try to listen in.  Note that Sally Pipes will start the show off at 11:00 a.m. Central.
Doctors, AMA, membership, & #PPACA per Sally Pipes in #Forbes #hcr
9/26/11 8:19 PM
MORE ON PPACA:  Attention to details important.  Put in wrong information and you will get wrong answer.  Go to: or link in tweet below.

“Fourth Circuit’s Factual Error Throws Obamacare Decision in Doubt” | Heartlander Magazine: #PPACA #hcr #SCOTUS
9/30/11 12:39 AM
EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE: The court says: “Virginia filed this action on March 23, 2010, the same day that the President signed the Affordable Care Act into law. The Governor of Virginia did not sign the VHCFA into law until the next day.”  This is important, the court asserted, because “the only apparent function of the VHCFA is to declare Virginia’s opposition to a federal insurance mandate. And, in fact, the timing of the VHCFA, along with the statements accompanying its passage, make clear that Virginia officials enacted the statute for precisely this declaratory purpose.”
In reality, the Virginia law was signed by Gov. McDonnell and codified on March 10, 2010. The “ceremonial” signing was held on March 24, 2010. So rather than a Virginia law seeking to invalidate an existing federal law, it was the other way around. It was a federal law seeking to invalidate an existing Virginia law.
And one more observation: The Kaiser Family Foundation showed family health insurance went up 9% since the passage of PPACA.
“Annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage increased to $15,073 this year, according to benchmark Kaiser/HRET 2011 Employer Health Benefits Survey. Premiums increased 9 percent…
See:     Hmmm…
Here is some information excerpted from a note MICHAEL D. MAVES, MD, MBA sent to me and others on his mailing list that tells of his new position at Project HOPE:

Friends – Well, I thought it was time that I sent you a note with my new contact information.

I have assumed the role of EVP of Project HOPE, headquartered in Millwood Virginia. My contact information at Project HOPE is:
Michael D. Maves, MD, MBA
Executive Vice President
Project HOPE
255 Carter Hall Lane
Millwood, VA 22646
…. etc.
Mike Maves

Read the press release from Project HOPE regarding Dr. Maves at:
Stay well.

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