DJP Update 8-19-2015: My article re Forty-Year Anniversary of Louisiana’s Medical Malpractice Act, Act 817 of 1975

DJP Update 8-19-2015: My article re Forty-Year Anniversary of Louisiana’s Medical Malpractice Act, Act 817 of 1975

The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society also published again the 20-Year Anniversary article. It is attached to new article and both should be read to get full details of events surrounding passage of law.

Article also contains praise for California MICRA and Texas Medical Liability Reform (Prop 12 of 2003 changing Texas State Constitution and associated legislative passage of limits of liability.)
Excerpt from page 1 of article:


“Do your homework, have courage, and don’t give up!”1 Those words of wisdom for success from my heroic policeman dad once again proved correct in the medical liability reform battle in Louisiana in 1975 because of the leadership of Dr. John Cooksey of Monroe, Louisiana. Dr. Cooksey was the cheerleader who gathered the team and constantly inspired everyone.

Here we are at the 40th anniversary of the passage of the 1975 Medical Malpractice Act, Act 817.2 How time flies! Act 817 of 1975 lives and the Louisiana State Supreme Court has ruled the current law, a total cap on all damages with its 1984 amendment for unlimited future medical payments as incurred (La. Act 435 of 19843), constitutional in the Butler case previously cited in the 20-year anniversary article (reprinted in this issue of the Journal). Louisiana’s law was voted into law prior to California’s famous medical liability law.4 For another great triumph, see Texas and its success in 2003.5 Three different laws; three proven long-term successes.

Read entire article with hot links to references at:

Also posted at Journal of Louisiana State Medical Society Website:,%20Act%20817%20of%201975.pdf

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