DJP Update 6-17-2014 Travel, Tweets, AMA, ABA, ON LEADERSHIP now an audiobook, Stanford Commencement Address by Bill and Melinda Gates; Gadgets

DJP Update 6-17-2014 Travel, Tweets, AMA, ABA, ON LEADERSHIP now an audiobook, Stanford Commencement Address by Bill and Melinda Gates; Gadgets

1- My DJP Updates have decreased in number because of the lure of Twitter.  I tweet daily at @DJPNEWS and it is a good way to learn how to be concise as the total number of characters cannot exceed 140.  Plus by following reporters and news channels one can get the breaking news immediately.  The TV news almost becomes unnecessary.

2- Lots of travel so far this year to board meetings plus PIAA in Ontario, AMA Annual Meeting, and presentation with son Donald Jr. at American Bar Association just after AMA meeting in Chicago.  Next week we go on the 2nd of the planned grandchildren adventures!  We are taking Alexis, our granddaughter to Paris, not in France but the Las Vegas Paris Hotel.  She picked Paris as the destination but she will have to wait until high school graduation for her parents to take her.  These trips are great for one-on-one time with the grandkids.  I highly recommend it.  Just about finished designing the new course I will teach at Tulane Medical, how to make a powerful 2 minute presentation.  The goal is to encourage the students to be comfortable using rhetorical devices plus understanding the importance of C.O.D., namely Content, Organization, and Delivery.  With the large number of students in the USA not getting a residency spot such a course should make them better able to convince the residency to select them.

3- My book ON LEADERSHIP has been selected by as an audio book!  In addition to the print version, having the book in digital reading format and digital audio means it always will be available.  That is nice.

Reviews of the print version can be found at:

4-  I won’t depress you with my views about the continued problems with PPACA, SGR, ICD-10, etc.  There are too many depressing stories on other topics in the news today.  Perhaps we will get to the truth of the current controversies soon.  But courage and leadership will be required.  It will require truth to trump politics.

5- Stories are a powerful way to get a message to the audience.  People in the audience remember stories years later, long after they forgot the rest of the speech.  Watch and listen to the 2014 Stanford Commencement speech delivered by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Bill and Melinda both share stories that are powerful.

Here are my comments about the speech:

Bill’s first story about the lack of reliable power source for computer in Africa  points out the importance of what I call “walking the halls”.  One has to go to the site of action to see what is really happening.  I tell that to hospital administrators all the time.  Can’t run a hospital from the fancy office on the 12th floor.  Go visit the wards, the O.R., and the Emergency Dept. and learn what the real problems are.  Talk to the surgeons in the surgery lounge at 7 A.M. and hear their frustrations.

My favorite story was Melinda’s account where she personally carried a dying woman with AIDS to the roof of the “Home for the Dying”. “The stigma of AIDS is vicious and the punishment is abandonment.” Powerful.  Melinda is a natural storyteller and she does it without notes.  I can picture the woman holding Melinda’s hand on the roof top as woman watches the setting sun just before dying.

Here is my @DJPNEWS tweet with the link and location in the timeline of the commencement address.  BTW, H/T to Raymond French, father of Melinda, for the alert about the speech.

I strongly recommend you listen to this commencement address.

Stanford 2014 Commencement Address: Bill/Melinda Gates. 1:01:42 of Webcast and ends at 1:31. Powerful esp. 1:19:17
6/16/14 5:40 PM
Melinda and Bill Gates are shining examples of leadership and they work through their foundation to try and solve horrific ills in the world.  Think Malaria, Polio, HIV, and more!  Read more about their work at:

Some specific programs:

6- GADGETS:  Tomorrow, June 18, Amazon is announcing the Amazon smart phone.  Amazon Prime customers now have over one million songs available to hear as a bonus in addition to the free movies with the Prime service.  The new gadgets, software, high-speed streaming via Internet are akin to magic.  Great adventures for techies.

One last thing.  I have a new camera for the trips with the grandkids.  It had to be a camera with a long zoom but small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.  After testing many cameras, I settled on the Olympus Stylus 1.  It has an adequate sensor and the zoom goes to 300 mm equivalent.  The sensor is large enough for 11 X 14 enlargements with excellent quality.  It has an easy to use Wi-Fi and photos can be sent to a smart phone immediately for sharing.  Nice!  The first one I bought had a software problem with freezing up but my favorite camera store, Bennett’s Camera in Metairie, immediately exchanged it for another new one.  A big stimulus for this camera was the safari at “The Wilds” in Columbus Ohio at the Columbus Zoo where we ride in the back of a pickup truck going by the animals on the plains.  Didn’t want to carry the large Nikon and the Canon 110 did not have enough zoom.  The Columbus adventure is in July with two more of the grandkids, Diego and Pablo.  They wanted to travel to Ohio to see where “Nana” Robin was born!

P.S.  To all the folks I photographed on the trips, I will send the photos by email but it will take a while to get to it.  Some of you saw your photos on Twitter at the AMA meeting with the hashtag #AMAmtg

Some examples:

#AMAmtg : Also = renewal of friendships. Robin and I visit 2 wonderful bright ladies after the day’s work. @PeggyMP
6/9/14 2:22 PM

Standing ovation #AMAmtg for Dr Monica Wehby, fmr AMA Board member candidate for U.S. Senate Oregon. Go Regency D 5PM
6/7/14 4:49 PM

And one taken by moderator at ABA panel!
Thx! @doctorscompany RT @CountrymanClay: First time Donald Palmisano Jr and Sr presented on same panel #PHYLAW14
6/12/14 4:16 PM
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