DJP Update 3-13-2017:  1- PPACA (ACA etc.) Repeal and Replace?  2- LAGNIAPPE: The Clock House and Bose QC 35, and don’t forget DJP News Enhanced Podcasts!

DJP Update 3-13-2017:  1- PPACA (ACA etc.) Repeal and Replace?  2- LAGNIAPPE: The Clock House and Bose QC 35, and don’t forget DJP News Enhanced Podcasts!

1.  Unless you have been cut off from communications since the November 2016 elections, you know there is a surprising change in the office of the President and in the Senate and House.  Pundits and polls for the most part got a failing grade.

 Regardless of your political views and your possible excitement or despair, one can be certain that health system reform is on the agenda in the immediate future.  It will be a test of leadership in Washington to see if reason and facts will prevail in the debate or if political rigidity and obstructionism continues based on political party lines.  This also is a chance for medical organizations to stand up and advocate long-standing policy rather than acting like the opportunists in the Vestibule of Hell in Dante’s Inferno (First part of Divine Comedy).

 I won’t dwell on this topic but it is an IMPORTANT issue for our patients and the profession of Medicine.  Time to enter the arena.

 Finally, I list two articles I mentioned in a November 9, 2016 @DJPNews Tweet:  the first is one I co-authored with 2 PhD economists at AMA in 2004 when I was AMA president entitled:

 Expanding Insurance Coverage Through

Tax Credits, Consumer Choice, and Market Enhancements

The American Medical Association Proposal

for Health Insurance Reform

Donald J. Palmisano, MD, JD

David W. Emmons, PhD

Gregory D. Wozniak, PhD

 It is at:  JAMA, May 12, 2004—Vol 291, No. 18, pages 2237-2242 and is based on long-standing AMA policy as of 2004.

The second article is an editorial I wrote entitled The 2010 “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”: A Failing Grade.  The citation for it: J La State Med Soc VOL 162 September/October 2010, pages 243-244

It can be found at:




New Orleans is a fun place to visit because of the history, the people, food, and exciting traditions like MARDI GRAS and JAZZ FEST.  For those who like to stay in a private home rather than a hotel, Robin and I have a friend who has a place listed in AirBnB.  We visited the place. It is in Metairie and wonderful.  More details below:  

 Go there, search for “The Clock House” or 1010 Metairie Road, Metairie LA 70005

 A brief summary:

“The Clock House” is a 1943 4-bedroom 2.5 bath home built in the “Grand Cottage” architectural style.  The main floor features a screened-in front porch, a gourmet kitchen, a breakfast area with a built-in banquette, and coved ceilings in the living and dining rooms.  Connecting bathrooms between the two bedrooms are on each side of the center hall on top floor. An arbor with a swing, table and bench grace the backyard where you can enjoy a garden view and bird watching at the feeder.  The home is one block from grocery, coffee shops, banks, and restaurants.  It is 5 miles to the French Quarter, 1.8 miles from the Streetcar line, and 1.6 miles to I-10 access.  The host lives in separate quarters on property.  Cereal, coffee, tea, snacks provided.  $275/night, (+ $150/reservation for housekeeping) for up to 8 guests  (babies & children count as guests.)  Fee is higher on special event weekends such as Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and New Years.

 2- GADGETS:  Bose QC 35

 A) For trips to do keynote addresses and to attend board meetings, I try to protect my hearing in planes and block out the loud noise.  In the past, I used ear mufflers that are used on noisy construction sites.  But they are bulky.  I now have an ideal solution with additional benefits.  I recently purchased the new Bose QC 35.  The noise canceling is outstanding, the Bluetooth works well, and there is the added advantage of making phone calls with the two built-in microphones. 

 Here is part of my research:

 “What’s odd to me is that the reviews have been mostly glowing — CNET, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Tom’s Guide, buyers in the Head-Fi forums all agree.”


 “I can sleep with the QC35 on inside a plane. The headphones are that comfy.”

 “I am never taking off Bose’s QC 35 noise-cancelling wireless headphones.”


 “The QuietComfort 35 ‘phones are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, considering they aren’t particularly fashion-conscious or able to playback grime with the growly thump of bass focused peers, but they are perfectly suited to the travelling lifestyle of their target audience.”

 “A plane journey will never feel quite the same without them.”

 Finally, here is the official Bose Website with more info on these headphones:


 Finally, one note of caution.  Popular items are sometimes copied by others and sold as Bose.  Here is some info to protect against that problem:

 How to spot fake: BOSE Headphones – 6 Steps

 Also call Bose and read serial # to Bose and they will tell you if genuine or fake.

Call 800-367-4008 and ask customer service to confirm. 

I did that when I purchased my Bose QC 35 from Best Buy after problems getting through with order at Bose Website. They confirmed mine were genuine. Customer Service later told me I could order in future by phone.

3- Don’t forget DJPNEWS Enhanced Podcasts if you missed them on publication.  More to come!

Go to:

4- I continue to teach my leadership seminar to 3rd and 4th year medical students at Tulane Medical School:  Leadership – How to give a 2-minute memorable speech.

 Stay well!


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