DJP Update 11-25-2014 OP-ED on Alternative to PPACA by Dr. Healy and DJP; Also Dr. Tenery article; Lagniappe: Some tweets not about health system reform

DJP Update 11-25-2014 OP-ED on Alternative to PPACA; Also Dr. Tenery article; Lagniappe: Some tweets not about health system reform
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Here is the link at The Daily Caller with the OP-ED written by a former president of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Gerry Healy, and me. Published 11-24-2014.

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The OP-ED is on two pages so click page 2 at bottom of first page.

Of course, I did a tweet about it too:

OP-ED @DailyCaller Dr. Healy + @DJPNEWS #PPACA + better way #tcot @AAPSonline @AmCollSurgeons @LaMedSoc @BretBaier
11/24/14, 5:06 PM

By the way, if you want your own copy of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, ACA, etc.) for review during a discussion, here is a government link that gives you entire law.

The sequence of events and dates of PPACA passage can be found in my 2010 OP-ED:

A retweet involving PPACA and the man who found Professor Gruber videos.

This introduces the world to the person who found all of the Jonathan Gruber videos. I find it fascinating that this man is not a reporter but a guy who did his own research in his space time and scooped all of the press and those in Washington, DC. This man doesn’t want any publicity. He merely wanted to document the record regarding PPACA. He deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

Tell folks follow! @phillyrich1 RT @Heritage: Meet..Man Who Found the Jonathan Gruber Videos –
11/20/14, 2:44 PM

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plus the image at:

BONUS: Here is a blog posting by Dr. Rob Tenery, a former Chair of CEJA that deals with PPACA. It is entitled: Boondoggle?

Worth reading:

LAGNIAPPE: Some of my Tweets/retweets you may find of interest not dealing with health system reform:

Watch the excellent video of a Beretta shotgun designed by Apple designer Marc Newson:

Work of #Art – incl video RT @TheFieldmag: … @BerettaItalia with Apple designer Marc Newson
11/22/14, 9:31 AM
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Here is KitKat the day after the Saints lost on Monday Night Football:

Our outside #cat – #KitKat – with inside visitation privileges appears sad after loss #NOLA #Saints last night. #NFL
11/25/14, 2:50 PM
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Here is one of my Double Knockout roses. My daughter Mary Ellen recommends KnockOut Roses because they are so easy to grow and are resistant to disease.
Today’s #DoubleKnockoutRose from our garden. #Flowers #Roses #photography
11/25/14, 2:43 PM
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That photo was take with iPhone 6+.

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