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Dr. Palmisano lectures on a wide range of risk management topics.  Examples include the Primer of Malpractice, The Big A and the 25 C's of Risk Management, Medical Records, and Informed Consent. 

Your areas of concern can be addressed by Dr. Palmisano in a lecture or in a seminar he can design for you.

He has received rave reviews over the years for his lectures and has done medical-legal seminars for Southern Medical Association, hospitals nationwide, medical organizations, insurance companies, and physician groups.  In addition to lectures in the United States, he has traveled to Madrid, Bangkok, Paris, London, Ixtapa, Bali, and Singapore to deliver lectures - over 230 major presentations to date in the USA and worldwide.

Examples of comments written by the audience after Dr. Palmisano's lectures:

``....Excellent and knowledgeable.  In my opinion he made the trip worthwhile.

"....Wonderful talk."

"....Excellent!!  Keep him coming."

"....Excellent.  His enthusiasm is remarkable."

"....Outstanding, entertaining, knowledgeable, superb."

"....Energetic and informative speech."

"....I wish you will stay in this line of work.  The medical profession in this country needs you."

Learn where the potholes are in the medical-legal arena. Don't reinvent the wheel and learn the hard way after a preventable suit occurs.

Call now for more information about scheduling Dr. Palmisano for a risk management speech. 

Dr. Palmisano is also available for inspirational speeches to a wide range of audiences using the theme taught to him by his Dad:  Success is up to you: Do your homework, have courage, and don't give up!  Do this and very little in life is impossible to you.

Lectures or speeches by Dr. Palmisano can be scheduled by calling Intrepid Resources (504/455-5895).

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